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Persevering the Decentralised Chains




Decentralised Features

Daily Vesting Unlock Rate


Taxation - Tokenomics System




$PREV's developers met during 2020. The idea, now known as $PREV, was a development that came into play in 2021. The initial idea behind $PREV was to bring in a safer investment environment for investors, primarily within the BSC. However, over time, additional features have been developed with better product useability, allowing $PREV to reach its new point as its own dApp.

$PREVs goal, with more detail in our Roadmap, aims to adopt a new security venture for crypto projects. Starting in the Binance Smart Chain market before proceeding to various decentralized markets. This new adoption will bring in better security, investment management, and safer investing.



Using the maximum capabilities of both Solidity and Web3, Project Perseverance focuses on efficency. From the features, their capabilities, and the accessibility of the dApp itself. Each developed section of $PREV fully utilizes these new technologies.


Preserving Your Trust

Audited and Verified

Project Perseverance comes with an abundance of features. However, these features also need to be verified alongside the contract. Through DessertSwap and CoinMooner, $PREV has full accountability, ascertained under decentralization standards.

View Here: Audit / KYC

Available Features

$PREV details ten different features, all with their specific uses.


✅ - Sniping Services

✅ - SecureSwap

✅ - Tempest.Cash  (Partnership)

✅ - Fair Launchpad

✅ - $PREV CyberGuard

✅ - $PREV MultiSwap

✅ - $PREV Liquidity Locker

✅ - $PREV Anti-Rug Facility

✅ - $PREV Staking Platform

✅ - $PREV Presale Platform

✅ - $PREV Contract Scanner

Consistent Updates

Maintaining Perseverance is one of the essential parts of the overall development/continuation of the project. Within the announcement channel, updates are posted daily, displaying the different additions to the dApp.

View Here: Announcements & Updates



Sniping Services

A fully functional mempool and liquidity Sniper.
An integration that allows investors for early entry points into projects.

$PREV Team

The $PREV team contains highly qualified members of the crypto market. From Zandeur who handles solidity to Michael who constantly adjusts the website and finally Marcus our personal marketing strategist.

Michael Anderson

The name behind our AMAs, website development and designs. Michael tackles different ways to engage investors.

Zandeur Jackson

Taking the overall initiative is Zandeur. Bringing $PREV to life, from its visuals to its capabilities. 

Marcus Grey

Our Marketing Lead, Marcus Grey, will take on creative ways to bring Project Perseverance to the greater public.

Information Point

Read Our Whitepaper

For all the details about Project Perseverance, features, marketing and everything else, read below.




Zandeur Jackson

CEO - Project Perseverance

Perseverance and its partners aim to bring 

the best updates, accessibility and engagement

to all users and investors.

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